Sorry for posting late! 
Have some more drawings. c: This week's are a lot cuter, and focused around Wind Waker styling.
the happy little hero from wind waker. I wanted to play with color and lighting on this one.
not sure what a sketchbook from me would be like without some sort of fox.
I saw some really neat bust paintings and I wanted a crack at it. This one was all hand mixed, rather than lit via adjustment layers. I don't like how wonky her face turned out--but it was more of an experiment than anything else.
I've done a lot more hand drawn things this week, so I decided to pull out my camera and show you guys. In this one you can see some of the gel pens I used on immi's lantern. Poofy tail.
More of the Wind Waker cutesy style I've been playing with.  I've been experimenting with ponies a lot in this last week, keeping them horse-like without being too detailed with their anatomy. I like the result.
The ponies are hilarious when they rear up on their tiny toothpick legs.
Thanks for viewing! Tune in next week for more sketches!
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