I've been been working on a Zelda comic lately, and here's some of the concept art. 
Deconstructed backgrounds made of graphic shapes rather than realistic trees. I want to do the comic in color, and drafting environments isn't what I want to focus on.
I'm not aiming for clean, perfect lines, more for an acceptable 'messiness'. Enough clean for clarity, enough messy for character. Character faces are always the cleanest.
I needed to get a character sheet for Zelda quickly, as she's the first. I wanted to combine Link's tunic with her royal dress, making it feasible for her to run around horseback just as easily as Link. 
Along with all of the concept art comes just random practice sketches. This was a warm up based on a new attempt at eyes.
Another warm up, obviously not LOZ related, focusing on strong  posing.
Zelda '15 hype got me too.
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