Hi everyone!
Here's my next sketchbook! I have a lot of Zelda art this week. I've been playing through some of the games again, and I've fallen in love with the color palette and character designs.
I've been trying out a specific cell shaded style. I've been working on my shadows a bit more--trying to do more solid cast shadows as well as object shadows.
More of the same. 
This was a concept based on the idea of people riding bears like they do horses. I liked the concept of a hero riding a bear into battle. War-Bears seem so more dangerous than horses.
When I'm stuck, I try to do rough shaded sketches. I like how simple the style is, and how much it can mimic working with markers.
Speaking of markers, I recently invested in a set of grayscale Faber-Castell brush pens and multimedia sketchpaper. Once I got used to the colors and the markers, I fell in love with the things I could do with them. I do a lot of sketching, but adding value to them deepens them and makes them a lot nicer to look at.
Obligatory fox. My workflow now is penicl, pen, then shading in with the markers. I really suggest these--they really add depth to the sketching process.
Thank you so much for looking! Sketchbooks posted on Fridays.
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