This year for Christmas, I decided to do hand drawn digital cards for my family. I did four. Happy Holidays, everyone!
My mother specifically asked for a license plate, and gave me a webpage to purchase from. She said she wanted immi. I put it on a dark, textured background to accentuate her lanturn.
This fox was for my sister-in-law. I knew I wanted to do a fox in the mix somewhere--so I drew her here. I put red overlays to neutralize the color of the scarf and unify the overall fox.
My dad loves cedar waxingwings, so I knew I wanted to have a few of them in the picture. He's mentioned to me that he likes my horses, and even though I drew him one a few years ago, I thought he might like an updated one. This one was a lot of fun to draw.
I was really stumped when it came to my brother. I had a feeling that cutesy wolves or foxes or kitties just wouldn't cut it. The thought came to me, though, when I was on a skype call with a close friend of mine to try a bear. I had already thought about the theme of fatherhood being a good one to draw, and the bear made it all fit in nicely. My brother has been a father only for about 2 and a half years, and I thought that this might be special to him.
I hope all of you had happy holidays. I'll be posting sketchbooks again in the coming weeks!
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